Share your Live Location privately with Messenger

Share your Live Location privately with Messenger
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Facebook Messenger is not just an online chat app but also an offline social gathering tool. Today it added a new Live Location feature that lets you share for an hour within a private direct or group message thread your real-time location on a map. The recipients can then see an estimate of how long it would take you to reach them by car.

“Live Location is super helpful when trying to coordinate with friends, telling people how close you are when you’re on your way to an appointment or even sharing where you are with your roommate when you’re on your way home at night,” wrote the feature’s product manager Selena . The feature is available for all iOS and Android Messenger users. Messenger could now challenge location apps like Foursquare Swarm and meetup apps like Down To Lunch.

You can share your Live Location with a group of friends in Messenger or just with one person — it’s up to you!

David Marcus, Head of Messenger, said, “Many of us make plans on Messenger that involve finding each other, or letting friends and loved ones know we`re on the way. Sharing your location will also help some of you feel safer on the way home.”

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How Live Location works on Messenger


Image Credits: Techcrunch

Here is a step-by-step procedure to use Live Location on your Facebook Messenger:

  • Tap the Location icon or tap the More icon and then select Location.
  • You will see a map of your current location and the option to tap a blue bar to share your Live Location.
  • Tap the blue bar to start sharing your Live Location
  • The recipients will see your exact current location on a map for 60 minutes, and an ETA by car for you to reach them
  • You can stop sharing your Live Location at any time; just tap Stop Sharing.
  • A small clock in the lower right hand corner of the map will also let you know how much longer you are sharing your location for.

Battery Consumption with Live Location

You might think that battery life is a big issue with location features as GPS can drain your device’s energy quickly. But Facebook says that Live Location uses a standard amount of battery, and Marcus writes “We put a lot of time and effort into … minimizing battery consumption to the point you wouldn’t even have to think about it.” So keep an eye on your battery consumption while using Live Location on Messenger.

So now you better not lie and say “I’m on my way” when you are still lying on your couch at home!

Source: Google