About Me

To get things started and to give all my readers an idea of where I’m coming from I will introduce myself and why I started this blog.

Hi I’m Sonal. You might not know my name, but you surely must have read my work somewhere or the other. Or you are one of the loyal readers of my blog on health and fitness. (http://healthfundaa.com)

If you would have asked me a year ago about my opinions on blogging, I wouldn’t have been able to answer that.

Today I think blogging is the most powerful tool in my life.

Blogging ahs taught me many things such as:

  • Making new connections and friends
  • Meeting people all over the world
  • Helping others
  • Learning new skills

I have started this blog for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that I enjoy writing, and a blog, I believe, it offers me an outlet to write about whatever I like, however I like. It gives me an opportunity to share my views on anything and everything.

This blog will not only provide ample of information but will also change your idea of looking at the world.

So stay tuned!